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  • How To Open Wine Without A Cork Screw
  • How To Store An Unopened Bottle Of Wine
  • How To Decant A Bottle Of Homemade Wine

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine
Without A Cork Screw

You have a great bottle of wine but no cork screw.Don't PANIC! Here are some tips how to extract that nemesis cork.

How To Store An Unopened
Bottle Of Wine

There's a right way and a wrong way to store your homemade wine or wine that you may have purchased. But if you're not up for building your own wine cellar just yet, here's a quick and easy way to store your wine before it's poured.

How To Decant A Bottle Of
Homemade Wine

Why pour your homemade red wine from the bottle to a decanter? If there is any sediment in the wine it will help remove the sediment and allow the wine to breathe.

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